The Animals Observatory AW16 / VIDEO /


East 78th Street. Bethween

New York, 1970s. Madison Avenue and Park Avenue. Finch College art school provides Laia Aguilar with a starting point for The Animals Observatory’s FW16 collection. Patterns and colours from a New York that is distant yet close by. Lava red, bright navy blue and off-white in patterns with a retro feel.

Plus: feminine shirts with a nod to haute couture, items that pay tribute to figures like Patti Smith, Le Corbusier or Linus, soft coats in secret colours, landscapes from an imaginative pretty girl’s sweet dreams printed on dresses and skirts.

Once again, in this collection Laia Aguilar manages to reflect her own individual iconography, the result of looking at both the past and the present.

Vanesa Lorenzo for The Animals Observatory

For the first time, model and designer Vanesa Lorenzo reflects the superb taste of her grown-up clothes in kids’ fashions with a capsule of unique classic garments that embrace, highlight and enrich children’s identity. Comfortable clothes in subtle colours. An example of elegance.


The T.A.O WORKERS winter collection completes The Animals Observatory’s proposal with an invitation to timeless garments, comfortable, austere garments for play, different and distinguished for everyday wear, that are the quintessential children’s clothes: comfy and full of character.

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