Little Creative Factory – We are the dreamers – AW 17/18


Little Creative Factory presents its new collection inspired by dreamers. A journey through infinite gazes that speak for themselves, with no need for words. A collection of portraits designed to exalt personality.

The new collection, We Are the Dreamers, is based on a series of wonderful oversize garments: dresses that float over voluminous skirts, flounces and layers that coexist on top of drooping blouses, and necks and oversleeves that enhance the look with stylish character. It is a collection that stands out for its simplicity and
elegance, and promotes the maxim of “less is more,” yet it goes one step further and pays special attention to detail. Each of the garments is a small work of art, a precious object that embodies the beauty of natural and noble materials. Once again, the silhouettes of the new collection contain reminiscences of the past, of the factory concept that gives the brand its name, evoked in unique patterns of dresses and aprons, and a distinct Japanese influence with the introduction of new designs such as tunics and kimonos.

Along with black and the hues of cream that characterize the essence and imaginary of the brand, the palette of the winter 2018 collection embraces make-up tones, copper, a range of greens and anthracite gray that bring light to the new looks.

As to accessories, Little Creative Factory joins forces with Barcelona footwear designers Vialis to shoe our little dreamers with their characteristic traditional and top-quality lasts. A marvelous connection between two brands that certainly speak the same language of simplicity, elegance and creativity.

Be yourself. Always. Use your wings, fly, dream. Because attitude makes the difference.

Shop the collection at


Shop the collection at

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